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Performance Marketing: We launch your Meta, Linkedin, and Google Search campaigns 

CRM setup and Automatizations: We create complex sequences, automations, and CRM Dashboards to track your growth

Persona Discovery We help identify customers and plan narratives for marketing

Marketing Roadmaps, We help create product development maps and long-term strategies for your business

How we work


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01. Plug Us In

Let us plan your launch and lay your acquisition foundations or plug us into your current set-up and let us get to work optimizing your marketing.

02. Treat Us Like An Employee

No need to hire a permanent member of staff or download expensive software. Learn how to market effectively and train your staff to convert effectively.  Ask us how much it costs, we are leading the way in disruptive pricing. 

03. Get Results

Immediate results for your new business / new product including custom dashboards and reports.  We will even help you with building teams and hiring staff for your projects.

rocket launching graphics representing how we work - plug us in
Treat us like an employee
startup growth funnel automation

Grow Your

Launch your SaaS, Platform, Marketplace, or any other tech startup idea with our certified branding experts, storytellers, and growth strategists.  

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Our team is made of ex-startup founding team members, industry experts, growth hackers, designers, and start-up advisors- our expertise is in SaaS, marketplaces, platforms, and other tech-related products.

Our method

We are a hands-on first company. We'll design a roadmap after analysing your particular case and get to work on it once approved.  Along the way, we'll share growth templates and creatives with you and help lay the foundations for growth.

The tech

We can plug into your current setup and get to work. Add us to Slack, add us to Jira, plug us into your ad accounts, add us to Trello, Hubspot, or any other system you are currently using.  We also work with plain old spreadsheets :)

Tech Stack

"A Marketing service that runs like a SaaS"

Tech Stack

We integrate into all major marketing set-ups as well as introducing our own suggestions where needed.  From project management tools like Jira to tracking tools like Plausible- we have you covered!



Up to 80% cheaper than hiring a team Average Marketing Manager Annual Base Salary (US): $109,331 + Social Security: $6,966 401K / 403B: $3,292 Disability: $823 Healthcare: $6,595 Pension: $5,761 Time Off: $11,255 Total Compensation: $144,023

"Check out the ways we can work together below..."


Hassle-free Star Employee ™

Hassle-free Star Employee ™

Hire us as a virtual employee 

  • Full integration

  • Access to all our growth templates

  • Custom Dashboards

  • We take full control of your paid advertising campaigns


From: €500 per month

CMO in Your Pocket ™


in Your Pocket ™ 

Hire us as a consultancy

  • Dedicated Slack Channel

  • Regular Video Calls

  • Launch strategy

  • Training for your staff

From: €1000 per month




When Do I Need to Start Marketing for My Startup? Marketing is usually the first thing to think of once you have an MVP ready or are ready to launch your service and have the infrastructure set up to do business.

How Fast Will I Start to See Leads/Sales? After planning the strategy and preparing the creatives (1 week), we will immediately start to advertise your business and generate leads, you can expect quality MQLs in the first week or two and SQLs by the end of the first month.

Do You Accept Any Product or Business? We analyze every opportunity and give our honest opinion on a number of things: Are you a good fit for us? Are you ready to start marketing? What kind of marketing best suits your business?

What Payment Methods Do You Accept? We accept payments via bank transfer, card payments via Stripe, Revolut direct payments as well as crypto transfers


"Very dedicated and hard-working, and a passion for improving processes. You can feel that he really cares about your business and works as if it were his"

Alex, CEO - Privasee

"GC laid our marketing foundations and brought us our first customers! Super happy! Such a saving against hiring. We are still growing and they are still very much a part of that."

Andrea, Founder - IUTSAN

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