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The Problem with Outsourcing Sites like Fiverr

Outsourcing Sites


  1. Outsourcing for businesses

  2. The two types of contributors you'll find

  3. How to choose

  4. Why A Small Agency?

  5. Added Benefits of a Small Agency

Outsourcing for businesses

There are a plethora of sites for getting things done by other people in business. Sites like:

Let's dive into the main issues you'll find on sites like these when looking for help in your pitch decks or sales presentations.

The two types of contributors you'll find

In most cases, you'll find a dichotomy- the prices vs the quality of work. This comes down to a few factors; you'll be deciding over a graphic designer with little relevant business knowledge desperately trying to outbid their competition to produce you a sales/investment deck based solely on the visual elements.

Secondly, you'll find large agencies charging substantial figures, a longer waiting time, and likely less experience in fine-tuning the visual side- often defaulting to a template and modifying it slightly to your business.

Both cases suck, ideally, you'll want something in between- difficult.

How to choose

Go with a boutique agency that isn't so big they'll charge you an arm and a leg, they'll treat you like their only customer, they are flexible and they'll often be the most expert of the bunch. Random people on outsourcing sites, even with amazing reviews can still be hit and miss.

Why A Small Agency?

In short, a small agency will likely give you a much better deal in terms of the work they'll put in. the main factor here is that they aren't trying to squeeze you, they aren't snowed under with jobs and they'll likely be so excited to get a client you'll get much more for your money. They are also more likely to make any modifications to your order for the same reason.

Added Benefits of a Small Agency

ah refs dashboard
A new site with no DR or Backlinks shown in Ahrefs

They will probably post about you on social media to mention you on their site. Why is this good? Well apart from the exposure to potential clients, it's a free backlink which is great for your site's SEO rating. Wanna check your site's current rating? Why not use the ahrefs free site audit tool? This will tell you your Domain Rating, backlinks and also show you any issues with your site that need addressing.

Need help with your decks to how to make sense of Ahrefs? get in touch here!

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