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What Makes a Good Pitch Deck?

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

a nice pitch deck


  1. What are decks usually used for?

  2. What should a good deck contain?

  3. What else can an investment deck contain?

  4. Other things to consider for an investment deck

What are decks usually used for? Decks fall into a few main categories. There are sales decks for winning clients, there are investment pitch decks for winning investors and then there are decks for R&D loans/grants or government funding. In general, when it comes to design, they all have to follow the dame rules of clarity. Make your decks easy to digest for the reader. Put yourself in their place and try to forget everything you know about your product. Does it convey the message? Is it confusing? Are you giving too much info? All these things should be considered when designing the perfect deck- after all, this could be the key that unlocks millions in investment for your company!

What should a good deck contain?

There's no main formula for sales decks but generally speaking, they need to address a problem, show a value proposition and offer a solution. An investment deck will usually also go into market data, competition, and revenue models and show something of some traction so far. Keep it simple and clean- don't clutter. Try to show your product in a minimal way- take a page out of the SaaS book and create a stripped-down version of it so the ready can easily visualize it. Check out the example from Slack below.

Slack- minimal product representation
Slack did it right

What else can an investment deck contain? Investment decks can also mention the current team, future hiring plans, and financial projections. An important thing that most people forget to add is an executive summary- this is a one-page summarising the business. An executive summary is super important- many investors receive hundreds of business decks per week, they need to understand immediately from the first page what your business does otherwise they may quickly lose interest.

Other things to consider for an investment deck

Exit strategy if you have one can show an investor that you have a game plan. If you have a product you can show pictures or screenshots. If your product isn't at the MVP stage yet you can still make a mock-up of how it will look. Giving investors a vision of how they might get their money back out and a timeframe will greatly increase your chance of investment. Need help with your pitch decks? Contact Us

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